Bobby Soul

plays that funky music


RollingStoneMagazine Interview

More than twenty years of concerts and records confirm as stated by Rolling Stone Magazine that Bobby Soul is the most prominent Italian eclettic soul singer. Having been the frontman of a band like Blindosbarra, produced by Bristol Sound’s engineer Ben Young and considered the funkiest group in Italy for more than 10 years or underground bands like Sensasciou and Le Voci Atroci, all based in Genoa, has given Bobby Soul enough experience to bring forward new and fresh projects like Bobby Soul & Les Gastones which also played in London’s venue Charlotte Street Blues:
or La Decima Vittima, a quartet performing original songs and acclaimed by local underground press:

You might as well enjoy an acoustic version of Bobby soul’s music in this “easy to hire and low cost” duo called Los Bonobos Boracheros, of which you might see some pictures, videos and mp3 in here

RollingStoneMagazine Review